Sweet Yogurt

What’s the big deal with sweet yogurt, you ask. Well, the illusive sweetness and the silky custard consistency comes from reduced milk alone. This one ingredient dessert (other than the essential little yogurt starter) is bound to steal your heart. Enjoy!


A proofer or yogurt maker (or simply the good fortune of living in the tropics/subtropics).


  • 3 cups skimplus milk, reduced to 1 cup (see below on how to reduce milk)
  • 1 tsp active yogurt (starter)
  • (optional) Flavoring agents: a few saffron threads dissolved in 1 tbsp warm water.


Mix in the flavoring agents, if using any, to the reduced milk. Pour into two containers and add 1/2 tsp yogurt to each, loosely cover and let set overnight. If using a proofer, set at 100 F. Next morning transfer the containers to the refrigerator.

Serve chilled.


  1. I adamantly reinvented the sweet yogurt (mitha dahi) 😉 with the aid of a Brod and Taylor Proofer. The Proofer helps in making the yogurt in separate little containers (while simultaneously fermenting pancake batter at the same temperature!).
    I remain minimalist– in this version (pictured) I add no sugar and no additional flavoring agent. A good way to appreciate the natural sweetness and aroma of “caramelized” milk, which is accentuated by the milk reduction process (see below).
  2. Reduced milk. Use a very thick bottomed pan (such as a Le Cruset pan) or a milk cooker.
    1. Heat milk on very low heat. It takes about 2 hrs 40 mins. Every 20 mins— stir well making sure the bottom does not stick or smoke. Simply set your timer on intervals of 20 mins, while you go about your life. After half hour or so the sweet aroma of mawa/khoya takes over but continue to cook the milk till it is reduced to the extent of your choice– I reduced to one-third.
    2. Strain the milk.
  3. I use skimplus milk– note that it is not skim milk.
  4. You can also use canned reduced milk instead of making your own. Also, you can add sweeteners like honey or sugar, if you so choose.

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