Longan Truffle

Be your own chocolatier –for 5 minutes– and celebrate the confluence of Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day this year. Dried longan, which already tastes like candy, gets a coat of your favorite dark chocolate. Using forgiving techniques that even a child can master, concoct this delicious truffle. You could pretty up the presentation, but who can wait. Enjoy!


A pair of chopsticks; wire-rack for drying.


  • 100gm dark chocolate bar (or your favorite chocolate bar)
  • 1 cup dried Longan berries


Break the bar into pieces and microwave on low power for 2-3 mins (you may have to adjust based on your appliance). Stir vigorously with a pair of chopsticks till smooth and fold in the berries. While still warm, place each truffle on parchment on a wire rack. You can smooth out the balls using your hand, as it begins to cool. Let dry on wire rack till set.


  1. Dried Longan can be bought in a Chinese grocery store or online. Indeed, you can use any other berry of your liking.
  2. You could quickly fold in a tbsp of milk , if the chocolate is not too malleable.
  3. I simply use a Pyrex cup which is microwave proof and easy to handle.
  4. Here are some truffle-in-the-rough, without smoothing and using the littlest of coating (35 gm chocolate bar –1/3 of the whole bar– and approx 1 cup dried longan).

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