Incredible Black Garlic Dark Chocolate Truffle

I have been intrigued by the Korean fermented garlic- not only does it turn charcoal black but it mellows the garlic almost beyond recognition. I had earlier noted it tasted like sweet grapes, and many of my friends scoffed in disbelief. Recently my daughter told me about this trendy Manhattan restaurant that has black garlic pudding on its dessert menu. Then there was no stopping me.

Here is an utterly simple treatment of a simple coat of dark chocolate. A technique that ‘a child can master‘ and taste that will blow your palate away. Irresistible and addictive. I am told it’s a health powerhouse too!! Enjoy!!


A pair of chopsticks; wire-rack for drying.


  • 25 gm dark chocolate bar (or your favorite chocolate bar)
  • 2 black garlic pods
  • Flavoring agent: 1/8 tsp organic ginger powder + 1/4 tsp Baobab powder + 1 tsp brown sugar


Makes 12 petite truffles.

Slice each garlic into six pieces and microwave for 30 secs to soften them (they will have the texture of a candied apricot). Mix in the flavoring powder and microwave for another 30 secs.

Break the chocolate bar into pieces and microwave on low power for 1 min in a glass pyrex bowl. Stir vigorously with a pair of chopsticks till smooth and fold in the berries with all the residual flavoring powder. While still warm, place each truffle on parchment on a wire rack. You can smooth out the balls using your hand, as it begins to cool. Let dry on wire rack till set.


  1. The organic fermented black garlic was ordered online.
  2. Refrigerate to hasten the drying process.
  3. I used ginger-brown sugar; but you can follow the recipe for the mix.

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